Discrete Design

Each one of us has our own unique sense of fashion and affordability. That is why Avassa wearables will be designed to blend with any style while also staying within reach of those more budget-conscious.

Reliable Technology

When pressed, Avassa's smart device will instantly alert your chosen contacts and community in the event of danger. The application can also connect you to local authorities for emergency assistance.

Connected Community

We believe community involvement is key to building safer environments. Through the app, you can report and stay informed of existing threats while navigating more secure routes to your destination.

Avassa provides an elegant approach to wearable technology built around personal safety.

The Avassa app is currently in production and will be released by early 2018. Partnered with an Avassa smart device, our technology will keep you connected at all times. Our optional tracking functionality will bring reassurance of one’s safe arrival. Our community-driven data will support smarter navigation decisions based on the overall safety levels of your surroundings. These features, amongst others, aim to reduce your sense of vulnerability - knowing that help is just a click away.

Our smart ring is in development and we hope to enter production by early 2018. Our focus is to offer a sophisticated design that works with your everyday personal style - providing instant alerts and support at the tip of your finger.

Solo traveler

Explore new lands while feeling as safe as home - with real-time data to guide you along your journey.

Parents & Children

Encourage your child’s sense of independence and exploration with peace of mind knowing that they are safe.

Urban & Campus

Early mornings to late nights - live confidently with protection that’s just a click away.

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